Monday, 26 April 2010

A costly week

So, it turns out that the all powerful dramiel can be brought down by two garden variety rifters, assuming they can get webs on the dram.

I'll not be doing that again.

Or warping to a station with GCC immediately after a kill and then being unable to dock.

So, in my third dram in as many days. My stats show that since joining Hellhounds, I've scored: 21 kills in an ishkur, 15 in a maller, 15 in a dramiel, 4 in a vexor, 1 in a rifter and another 1 in an incursus. Dram's quickly catching up, but despite the amount that people rave about them (and after flying one, I can understand this to a degree) its not got the charm of my beloved ishkur. Doesn't have her punch either, but over 6km/s is not to be sneezed at.

Assasin55, a part of me wants to mock him and a part of me wants to direct him to a corp to be taken care of. Killed and podded him twice in the same day, same system, within half an hour. Firstly he was in a caracal and then in a procurer (for those of you who aren't secretly massive carebears, its a mining barge which is genrually considered useless for everything except building its t2 variant). Alliance KB shows that he lost a third ship to us too.

Today's piracy started with a lonely moa sitting and ratting, who quickly was introduced to my autocannons. Refused to tell me a joke and so was sent back to his medical station. Next was a pair of rifters that I'd tangled with before (and it cost me a dramiel), this time no such issue and even managed to get some back up in: Fox McFox, a hellhounds applicant. Managed to snag a vexor for us too before he had to log off. Finally, a noob ratting in a destroyer rounds off today's kills.

In other news, the dram's amazing speed has allowed me to escape from a couple of nasty tangles: firstly with a cynabal and secondly with four rifters. I'd much rather suffer the shame of turning tail and fleeing than the cost to my wallet of another ship, and keeping range to 4 targets isn't all two easy. Chased a few other pirates around for a bit, but nothing interesting to report there except epeen from making them run from me.

At this rate, maybe I'll hit -10 by the end of the week.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Bait, foiling revenge attacks and.. movie stardom? Its all at HellFleet

Missed the start to the planned roam, so no real idea how that went. However, afterwards things went a little dry so Cyber Ten suggested we start to put together some film footage. During this time, one of my alts popped a destroyer as it undocked. But, thinking little of it I took these pictures:

Ishkur: von Diel (me).
Rifter: Eviwyn
Legion: Cyber Ten
Vagabond: Ulyster

Hopefully we'll soon be seeing the finished product of this :D

Anyhoo, setting up in a belt with my alt I'm convo'd by a capsuler named Federal Clone, who claims to be able to find me many noob targets with valuable loot. Responce from voice comms with fellow HellFleet members is that noob targets never have valuable loot, so I figured he was up to something. Not even the 5 million ISK he deposited into my account as a mark of 'trust' could make these suspicions go away...

So I did the logical thing, and invited him to join me in a belt.

To my surprise, not only does he turn up but he is alone and in a frankly terribly fitted ship ( ) and the gang makes short work of both him and the merlin that drops in. Turns out, the merlin pilot is the same one from before.. interesting. Should be able to post logs later/tomorrow which suggest that the raven set up was a revenge attack for the loss of the destroyer. If so, probably the most hilarious thing to ever happen to me on EVE :D

Until next time.

Friday, 9 April 2010

I think this is appropriate now

For as long as its existed, my ransom channel has had this as the MOTD:

And seeing as I've just joined a proper pirate corp, seems like I'm actually a professional pirate now :D

Coming back from holidaying in Wales, looking after my adorable little cousins, its nice to be back in command of Life for Rent... because all the cool kids listen to Dido...

Last night, only one kill to report: some poor noob in an iteron mark I got jumped by our entire gang. That really must have confused him.

Hopefully I'll have some more to post tonight :)

Friday, 2 April 2010

Back in the game: camp, tower theft and ITS A TRAP!

Ok. so it turns out that flying a freighter to Jita and back twice a day is very dull.

2 losses to three kills today, not too bad I guess.

First loss to a camp, nothing I could do there I feel.

So I grabbed a shiny new ishkur and headed out roaming, where I stumbled upon a badger setting up a POS. Pop the badger and put a call out to corp asking if there was a hauler nearby to scoop the tower. Nearest person turns out to be my carebearing-industry and mission alt, so he's sent hurtling to pick up the tower. Its only a small one, but a pretty easy 80 million ISK.

Second loss and two of the kills came in Lisbaetanne, my nominal base of operations. Fun fight, two rifters and a vagabond vs my ishkur. Managed to pop the first rifter before the others arrived, then a panicked overload session to pop the second one (the elusive Hellcat Eviwyn, a pilot I've been trying to catch for weeks, always makes her kill and escapes before I arrive). My ishkur by this point is in low structure and I'm very soon flying back to station in my pod, with many pleasantries exchanged in local. One of those times where, win or lose, the post fight "gf" was actually meant.

Now, I just need new ships. Maybe I'll get around to seeing what everyone's going on about the Dramiel for.

Until next time.