Monday, 31 May 2010

A good fight

(Been a while since I've posted, haven't really had much to blog about. But, recently we've been messing about away from our usual home in Essence. Felt like writing up our last engagement, so enjoy :P. Different writing style to my usual posting, so lets see how this works out)

The fleet forms up outside our new office in Brinn, far from home. I'm captaining a shiny new Ishkur class assault frigate, easily my favourite ship: tough and hard-hitting, for a frigate. With me are a fellow Hellhound, flying his Harpy, and two of the Hellcats, both in dramiels. All four of us are waiting for the signal to move into the next system to support the fifth member of our gang: a recent addition to our motley crew, Kaal Redrum.

We're not the only gang hunting around here, and someone quickly takes the bait. Call goes out over comms that an interceptor is engaging Kaal. We rush to activate the jump gate and warp to support our comrade, but its too late: the interceptor is down, but his friends have arrived. Kaal's thrasher is no match for the combined fire-power of three cruisers. I'm the first to arrive on the field, so as usual they call me as primary. Immediately we get to work, scrambling the their warp drives and our commander calls the Caracal as our primary target, and our secret weapon uncloaks: a top of the line Rapier.

The Caracal collapses under the combined firepower of our five ships, but the shells from both of the gunboats are turning my armour into confetti. Even diverting maximum power to overload the nano-assemblers isn't enough. Klaxens sound as the last of my Ishkur's armour evaporates and another volley rips into her exposed hull.

Structural integrity 90%

C'mon baby, hold it together. We can do this.


The rupture forms a beautiful explosion, and the repair system's final effort before it burns out absorbs the final volley from the stabber, which promptly erupts into flames. We hold the field, scoop what loot we can and return to dock. Its one of the many times I'm glad to have a good ship under my command and a great group of pilots flying under the same flag.

(tldr: we killed shit and I didn't die. Will try to update more often, as more eventful stuff will hopefully happen :D)