Thursday, 28 October 2010


A lot of my fellow bloggers either occasionally or entirely write their blogs in character. A good number of these are fairly terrible for a variety of reasons, but some I do rather like (Nashh's, Ga'len's and Mynxee's to name three). I've tried on several occasions to write either backstory or IC posts for von Diel, but they either turn out implausible, corny or a horrible combination of both.

He's a Gallente carebear turned pirate, who can fly Amarrian battleships and Minmatar ships up to battleships... seriously where do you even start with that?

My best attempt is to basically ignore the carebear time and put him as a matari sympathiser during their war for independence. I think I could've used that to explain his abilities to fly gallente (academy training), minmatar (learning from the other rebels) and amarr (hijacking etc). But tbh, still can't figure out details on that, but maybe one day I will.

Anyhoo urrm... not much pvp action to report. Maybe my next update will be more substantial.


Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Three for Three

Damn, I swear my pilot stats get worse every time I look at them and yet my battleclinic rank seems only to rise.... confusing. Anyhoo, the point of this post is to analyse my most recent three kills and losses.

Loss one was my beloved Hurricane named 'Lucky Sod'. She earned this name due to my rather fail internet connection which handily disconnected when I jumped through a gate and into a rather large gate camp. Somehow, despite logging back in and dcing immediately, I logged in for the third time and managed to burn back to the gate with my ship fairly intact. Unfortunately, her luck didn't hold and the next time my internet failed she went down. Still, a fun ship to fly and really has put me in the mood for the Vagabond that I'm training for.

Later on, my dear friend Kaal Redrum logged in hungry for blood. He quickly located a vagabond and stabber fleet issue in the system next door to our home and started to bait them. Unfortunately I'd made the error of leaving my only fitted ishkur three jumps away and had run out of close range ammo... still the fleet stabber made a pretty explosion and Cyber Ten's curse was able to finish off the vagabond shortly before I popped. Hooray for my drones whoring on the Vaga mail \o/.

Afterwards, we got bored and decided to roll down to Taff to mess with an alliance named Scum. I've had some fun with them over the past few weeks, however they seem to have got annoyed with my antics and deployed a gang to blockade my fellow Renegades inside a station when they were forced to dock due to a thing called 'real life'. So, I did the only sane and honourable thing and baited the camp off the station, letting my gangmates free at the cost of one new ishkur, still I managed to drag a stiletto down with me so I'm going to call that a win.

Finally a quick mention of our corporate blog located here. Posts will be made by myself, Cyber, Uly, Kaal and various other renegades. Not sure what else to add really, other than how awesome its going to be.

Until next time, o/

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

New Beginnings

Some times, things don't work out. The best of friends grow apart. Etc, etc.

Bottom line, a group of us were not happy in Hellhounds and felt we needed something new. That new thing turned out to be our new corp: New Eden Renegades.

I began my time in NER with my usual levels of success . However kills soon followed, the story of the myrm can be found over on Xeross' blog here. From there its been a great mix of fun fights, losses, fruitless 0.0 solo roams and endless setting standings on alts. Still, one of the best parts of founding a new corp is that you don't have the history and celebrity associated with an older corp/alliance (EVERY damn app we got for hounds mentioned Mynxee... not that I have anything against her personally, but she did leave over 6 months ago). Everything is our way, our rules.

One of the things we instituted was an in-corp ladder, which I have had great success in so far. Still, early days.

Over the next few days I'll move these links into the side bar and take down the Hellfleet ones, but until then:

See you guys out there o/