Sunday, 27 March 2011

Docking to Rep (up my wallet)

Firstly, hi! Its been a while since I've blogged. Mainly 'cus I've not really done anything on my own that was worth mentioning.

Sometimes its fun to meet an old enemy, even better when its in an old home. You might remember my old corp NER's dislike of the Scum. Alliance. Well, it seems like what's left of them have set up shop in my old home of Lisbaetanne. Old Renegade/Hound and flier of the mighty griffin (and other assorted ships) mitch3190 kept being aggressed by them on an undock. In response to this, a Tusker recon and arty gang landed and blew the offending armageddon to pieces.

Its been a good first month or two in the Tuskers. Shortly after joining, we headed off to Black Rise for a month to experience new territory and exciting new crime. Unfortunately, I never seemed to find targets during my active hours.

I did however take part (and die horribly) in a string of corp ops based around arty canes and tempests. I've leave it to our FC Suleimon Shouaa to describe these in detail in his next few posts, but suffice to say I had a good time.

We'll be heading out on another campaign soon, so in order to keep more gangs running at home and abroad there's a recruitment drive on. If you're interested in joining quite possibly the best low-sec pirate corp out there check out the requirements and post an application here.

As for me: I've managed to bankrupt myself. Luckily, certain *ahem* associates of mine are active in highsec so in a couple of weeks I'll be out joining gangs again. Its not a matter of making isk, its more making enough to invest in something (some kind of industry knowing me) so that I can spend less time bearing and more time yarring.

Hope to be back to losing ridiculous numbers of ishkurs soon!


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